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We strive to achieve balance through a service oriented practice centered on the client’s goals and vision. We achieve balance by providing a cost effective design that meets the client’s aesthetic and functional needs. We place emphasis on understanding a client’s needs, working with the client as a vital team member throughout each phase of a project and ensuring that the end product is more than satisfactory but exceptional. Following this process of involving the client in every step allows efficiency and guaranteed results.

Planning & Development

Envisioning a project from concept to realization can only be captured with successful planning. All pieces and parts must fit together as a whole with attainable goals that can be achieved. We provide master planning for clients to ensure site parameters; location, space program, and context meet the overall goals of a project and explore the opportunities that exist. Comprehensive master planning provides a more thorough study of interior space needs, programmatic functions and the future needs of an organization. The Master Planning Process provides the client with an overview of potential opportunities resulting from research and development of different options. The Master Plan is a “Road Map for the Future” bringing attainable goals for a complete delivery method.

Interior Design

Our award winning Interior Designers have worked with a broad base of clients to design for them innovative spaces that are responsive to their goals and character. Maintaining the ability to operate as independent consultants our designers provide a professional staff to concentrate on functional, efficient and ever-changing spaces for the working environment.

The Interior Designers have provided independent design services for various projects in conjunction with the in-house architectural staff, in addition to providing services for other architectural firms, corporate clients, and public entities. They have in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of ADA Compliance and other building codes.

  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Selection
  • Interior Finish and Color Selection
  • Lighting and Reflected Ceiling Plans

Delivery Methods

Today's construction markets are ever changing and there are many construction delivery options available to project owners.  We are very familiar with each delivery method and are happy to provide any information that will help determine the best delivery method for our client's projects. .

  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Design-Build
  • Partnering
  • Construction Management

Graphic Design

Hand in Hand - concept to reality - At some point, the vision must be communicated to a broader audience. Whether fund-raising efforts, capital campaigns, investment opportunities or sharing a vision, we can provide graphics, branding, web development and presentation material to aid in the expression of your ideas. Computer renderings, presentation boards, and brochures, can be provided to clients ensuring the final design meets expectations.